Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Plans After High School

High School has been such a wonderful experience for me and i'm so sad it's coming to an end. After i graduate from high school i want to pursue my goal of becoming a therapist for kids with autism. I was hoping of going to a cal state or a uc but unfortunately i am a huge procrastinator and messed up on my applications, so now i am going to go to a community college, i'm not quite sure which one i will go to yet but most likely one thats near by. After two years in a jr. college i want to transfer to a UC to further my education. I also want to get a job and save up enough money to move out because i can't stand living in my house anymore. But i know that won't happen for at least 1 or 2 years. Hopefully my plans go as i expect them to and then i'll live happily ever after. THE END. (:

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


So it all started when my cousin came to visit from Chicago. He hasn't come to visit for about 2 years and he came to visit about 2 months ago. He left a while ago and i miss him so much cause he is one of the most polite and funniest guys you will ever meet. Two days before he was leaving he said "Paola! you should come to chicago and visit!" so i thought about it and asked my dad and he said i can go if i was sure i wanted to go and if i didn't mind flying the plane alone. So of course i said i don't mind cause it wouldn't be my first time flying a plane alone but it will be the longest flight i have ever been on. So right then and there my dad went online and bought my ticket. I'm going to chicago December 19 and coming back January 4th. I'm so excited and can't wait, especially since it's going to be snowing! :D

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Into My Life.

Hello. My name is Paola Becerra and i was born September 30, 1994 in the Presbyterian hospital, which always reminds me that the Olsen twins were born there 'cause whenever i would ask my dad where i was born he would tell me "in the Presbyterian Hospital, just like the Olsen twins!" I always thought that was cool, but now i really don't care. I have an older brother and sister and a younger half sister and step brother. My parents got divorced when i was about 8 or 9; the same time i got my Labrador Rambo who i love very much! I always dream about him. Unfortunately, he's getting very old and has hip problems. After that my dad was always busy working so he hired a babysitter to take care of us since he was never around. I absolutely loved my babysitter, she was like a mom to me. Sadly, she had to leave to Texas so her cousin filled in for her. After a while my dad started dating the new babysitter and i really didn't mind, i was actually happy that he started dating. I really did like her until she turned into this psycho baby sitter/dad's girlfriend from hell, so we didn't really talk as much- i just minded my own business, as did she. None of us- my older brother, sister, or i- liked her and we would always tell my dad but he didn't care what we had to say. After a while she got pregnant, it was clear to me that she wasn't going anywhere so i just had to suck it up and deal with it. Later on we moved to Georgia ( a horrible place, don't ever live there) because my dad was having trouble with money and it was a lot cheaper over there. That's where my little sister Karina Ruby ( my brother chose that name for her) was born. After 7 months of living there my dad decided to move back to Cali since none of us liked it. It was like one of the those places where you literally had to drive an hour to find a shopping center- hated it. So we moved back to Cali and got a new house, which we still live in to this day, and everything was peaches and cream. After a while my dad and my siblings and I were really arguing a lot ; and when i say a lot i mean A LOT! So since he chose his evil girlfriend over us, we moved in with my aunt and uncle in Simi valley. It's a really nice place but i just wasn't comfortable there and i missed all my friends back in the valley. So after about a year of living there i moved back in with my dad; along with my brother and sister. It really isn't how a typical house is suppose to be but it's good enough for me and i feel comfortable there in my room. Later my sister kept moving in and out of my house due to all the arguing and fights she and my dad would get into. I would never try to get involved because i personally am not a fan of fighting. I was also closest with my older brother because he understood me, unlike my sister who was more into the party scene and getting drunk every night kind of thing- i wasn't into it, and seeing my sister act like that made me NEVER in my life want to be like her. I always admired and looked up to my brother, he was always the one that got good grades in school and always read books and i was similar to him. But now my brother is in the army and he's barely ever around. Recently, my older sister moved out because she "couldn't stand my dad any longer." I personally think it's better without here there, sounds kind of harsh but it's true. I see my real mom every weekend but lately i haven't seen her as much, i think 'cause my sister moved out and she was always her favorite. Now i just try focusing on school and friends and BOOKS! (: and i try not to let anything get to me, even if it does i act like it doesn't because it's just better that way.